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Shared groups: How to unlock them?

I run in this situation:

I run with LDAP in read-only so no write possible.

I got shared group with few JIDs in it. Now I add new user in my roster and want to add him in this shared roster.

So the question is how to add user(s) in this shared roster.


How to build groups (set group and add users in it) in big way? I got now around 1800 users and due to bug ( http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/167926 - possibly soluted in 3.6.0) and now need to add them in their groups (cant use shared groups).

Anyone got idea?

To add users to a LDAP shared group you need to add them to the group on the LDAP server.

I know that, but I’m now searching for solution how to go round adding user on LDAP server.

If you want to add users that are not in your LDAP server to your roster, you can create a Contact Group in your client and add the user to that group. You can not add non-LDAP users to the openfire server or the groups on the server. You should be able to add them locally to your client, but they should be put in a separate group (lord only knows what weirdness would occur otherwise).