Shared Groups issue?

3.0.0 nightly 2006-05-24

In shared groups. Adding users, adding admins, deleting groups, basically anything associated with groups times very very slowly. I currently have one group that will not delete. Has this been resolved in a newer nightly?


Are you seeing any exceptions in the logs?



I am seeing a ton of stuff in the logs. I already have an issue in the regular forums on some debug errors on usernames. Which log do I need to look into to see the errors that you need.


It would likely be best to condense this into one thread as it is likely related to the other issues you are seeing.


Ok. I will add this to the more mature thread in mainline forums.


I would add to this. Deleting of user (which is in some group, and this group is shared to all) is taking longer than removing this contact from group first and then deleting. I was seeing such behaviour with some older version. It was faster to unshare and then delete group, than trying to just delete it.