Shared groups not working with LDAP

Hi, I’‘m new to Wildfire, I’'ve just installed version 3.0.0.

I’'ve set it up to authenticate via LDAP (using the OpenLDAP server from our Mac). It works fine, except that groups do not show up in rosters of connecting clients. They show up in the admin interface and look correct, but never seem to be visible to clients.

If I turn off LDAP groups and enter then manually, that works as well.

Any help would be appreciated…



Edit: Please ignore this question, I found my mistake. I needed to set posixMode to true.

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This is happening to me as well, but I have added

to wildfire.xml.

I am able to see the groups (not create or change) on the Group Summary, and even though I have set “Show group in all users’’ rosters” no group gets shown.

I am on Linux using JDK 1.5 from Sun and OpenLDAP. DB is Postgresql 8.1.4.


Forgot to add that I tried Gaim and Spark as clients on Windows.

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