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Shared Groups Question


I am looking for some insight regarding a shared groups. I currently have my openfire setup where all users can se all groups. Recently, I wanted to add a group of people and essentially put them on their own island where they do not see the other shared groups. I am aware that you can select what groups will be visible to other groups but as the group number increases, I am finding that I need to go back and tell all the old groups to be visible to the new group. (I applogize for my poor articulation.)

I was curious if there was a perhaps a shortcut to do this. To simplify, I am looking for 89 out of 92 groups to see each other, but the other 3 groups, I dont want them to see the other 89. Secondly, when adding a new group, I am looking for a way to all them to see the 89 and the 89 to see the new group without haveing to touch each group to make the change.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


This topic has been discussed in one thread recently http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/226684#226684 But there is no solution. Someone would have to do major refactoring of how it is handled right now.

A way to hack around the problem would be to directly edit the database. Certainly not the best way.