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Shared groups


He’s my problem.

I created 2 groups, group A and group B. I want the 2 groups to automatically show up in Spark for all people in the 2 groups.

When i enable group sharing for group A, everything is fine. I then enable group sharing for group B and make it shared with addtional members (in which i include group A) so far so good, everyone in group A, get both group A & B, in their contact list.

The problem is when i make group A, available for additional members and select group B, everyone in group A, are no longer listed (but group B get everyone).

To resume, i want all group members to be listed in everyone’s contacts

Thank you

I think you have stumbled on Spark’s bug. Exodus is showing groups fine, so, probably this is Spark’s error. Have filed this as SPARK-1505 You can just share groups to all users as a workaround for this.

Hi Wroot,

I get the same problem when i share with all users. As soon as i share both groups with each others or all users, all contacts disappear from one of the group contacts.

Thank you

Have you tried to log out from Spark and back after you have changed sharing option to share to all users? Works fine for me on my test server and at work.

Same thing…

For groupe A, as soon as i put a check in: Share group with additional users, All contacts disappear from the list

Looks like i can only share either group A or B, but not both.