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Shared roster disappears after a few hours

We’'re using Wildfire 2.5 with MySQL database, and Spark 1.1.1

I set up Wildfire to work with our Active Directory ; users and groups are correctly loaded.

I shared only one AD group with the ‘‘Show group in group members’’ rosters’’ option.

Users authenticate successfuly, and can see the shared group in SPARK.

The real-time update is working great : when a new user connects (or logout), other users can see it instantly.

Here is the problem :[/u] after a few hours (about 12 hours), Spark losts the shared roster :

I mean that for users who are connected, the shared roster is frozen (or dead) in Spark, and is not updated anymore.

If users logout and relog, the shared roster is not loaded (as it was not set up - but it is), and Spark is empty.

I tried to login with Pandion, and the same problem occurs, so I think this is not a client problem.

When I look at the administration console :

  • I can see all the users and groups from Active Directory in the Users/group pannel.

  • I can see active sessions with the correct state for each user connected in the Session pannel.

  • I can send a broadcast administrative message to connected users, and they receive it.

I must stop and restart the wildfire process to make the shared roster availalble again.

I don’‘t know what’'s happening…

Did you already heard about such a problem ?

Thank you in advance for any help or advice.

Here is the wildfire.xml config file :

When using LDAP, if you do not use some filters, the groups are listed in both goups and users lists. Is it normal ?

I made a filter rule to avoid groups to be listed in the users list, perhaps I shouldn’'t…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <vcard-mapping> <![CDATA[
        <vCard xmlns=''vcard-temp''>
        <FN attrs="displayName"></FN>