Shared roster group contact nicknames and ldap.vcard-mapping

Hello everyone!

Current setup:

CentOS 7

Openfire 3.10.0 beta

LDAP-authentication, user, vcard and group management.

I’ve setup user groups in Active Directory, added users to these groups, configured user contact lists in openfire, based on these groups. Everything is working great, except one little thing - user’s nicknames in contact lists are not respecting my ldap.vcard-mapping settings. This happens only to group contacts list entries, my account nickname is correct.

I have set mapping to this: “{displayName} - {title} - {l}”, but contact list entry is showing only “{displayName}”. And if I go to the Web-Admin console to “User Options”, and edit Roster Item Nickname manualy, then I can set the correct nickname.

But I would like for this to happen automatically, from ldap.vcard-mapping.

Suggestions, anyone?