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Shared roster group: Problem with getting all members

Hi all,

I have a problem in getting all contacts within a group if the group consists not only of users but also of subgroups. I use Openfire 3.6.4 and MS Active Directory.

An example for that problem…


name: employeeGroup
objectClass: group
member: CN=employeeGroup1,ou=X,dc=company
member: CN=employeeGroup2,ou=X,dc=company

member: CN=employeeGroupN,ou=X,dc=company


name: employeeGroup1
objectClass: group
member: CN=employee1,ou=X,dc=company
member: CN=employee2,ou=X,dc=company

memberOf: CN=employeeGroup,ou=X,dc=company


name: employee1
objectClass: organizationalPerson
memberOf: CN=employeeGroup1,ou=X,dc=company

So if I want to share the employeeGroup from the example above, then I neither get the employeeGroup nor the employee1 in my chat client. I added an example in the attachment (in the image attachment hereby I edit such a employeeGroup; employeeGroup1 corresponds to Braunschweig, employeeGroup2 corresponds to Herxheim, …)

My question: Is there a solution that I can get this group with its contacts in my chat client (of course I am part of this group)? If there is no simple solution, is there a workaround?

I would be very pleased about an answer. Thank you!


I don’t really need a answer to my question because I solved it with contact list group sharing. I have no write access to the LDAP but if someone anyway like to answer my question, then I would be please. I am happy if I can learn something