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Shared Roster Groups Bug (may be) Report


I guess it’'s not a feature.


I have JM version 2.2.1 released 09/01/2005.

I have LDAP provider (works with WIN2K3S AD).

All works fine.

But after JM startup clients can’‘t see Shared Roster Group’‘s members even if "Show group in all users’’ rosters" option is selected.

To “push” roster to clients I do following:

  1. select “Disable sharing group in rosters”

  2. push “Save Settings” button

  3. select "Enable sharing group in rosters "

  4. push “Save Settings” button

And only now all Shared Roster Group’'s members appear to client.

I must do this procedure for every Shared Roster Group.

I use Miranda IM as client’'s software.

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