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Shared roster issue in so-called "2.1.3"

I’‘m using Jive Messenger 2.1.3 from April 1st that’‘s available from the nightly builds page. Using this version (I’'m not sure about previous versions) if you change the “admin” option for a user in a shared group, JM floods the clients with subscription notices.

The problem is so noticable here because our user database is Active Directory (LDAP). With 400 users, JM generates a ton of traffic for what appears to be no reason. Just to be clear, here is what I’'m seeing. First, notices of people that are not assigned to a shared group:

Then we see the people that are part of a shared group:

Imaginary Ducks

I receive one of these for every one of the 400+ users in our LDAP directory. While looking into this problem, feel free to go ahead and implement JM-129 as well. How hard can it be, right?

The side effects of this, in Pandion at least, is that the roster gets rebuilt and Pandion shows tons of “so-and-so is now available” messages when nothing has really changed. I’‘ll grant you that this is really a Pandion problem, but it appears to be JM that’'s misbehaving which causes Pandion to misbehave as well.

Hey Cameron,

Thanks for the enhancement request. I will let you know when a fix is available.


– Gato

Problem fixed. You can download tomorrow’'s nightly build and try it out.


– Gato

Fix tested and confirmed to work. Thanks, Gato