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Shared Roster over different AD domains on differents subnets

Hello everybody, i have installed openfire on 2 differentes domains with AD on different subnets connected via VPN, and configured them well.

One is example1.net ( and the other example2.net (

I can add users from one domain to another manually.

Now i need that every user on each domain can see shared rosters of the other domain instead of their own domain.

I try with gateway plugin and S2S configurations but it doesn.t work fine.

¿is there any way to get this working?

We want that when add a user to AD on one domain it automatically can get all the users of both domains in it´s spark contact list, without any user action.

Any help would be very welcome.

If you nedd more information please tell me and i send it as soon as possible.

THis is not possible.

What about this??


Anybody can get it works?

I have problems installing the xml file with adamsync

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in advance