Shared roster saved as local roster


Have strange bug appeared after 3.9.2 (or 3.9.3) version. Also it repeated in 3.10.2. Clients - Miranda NG, a little piece of Pidgin. Using AD integration.

After some period of time server writes all of specific client roster records into ofRoster MSSQL table and uses it instead of shared roster.

It happens not at client start, not at reconnect, just random time period when client connected.

When some user changed in AD - client doesn’t see this changes until i cleanup ofRoster for it.

Tested on 3.10.2 with 1 client connected - bug was repeated.

Bug is not appeared in 3.9.1.

can someone help?

Updated to 3.10.3, issue repeating. Can someone help?

So ok, this commit broke it - OF-473: Broadcast presence for new group members · igniterealtime/Openfire@cdf2b6f · GitHub

Commented this 2 lines, compile 3.10.3 and everything works like a charm.

Thanks for your feedback. I have re-opened the original issue: [OF-473] Race condition in - Jive Software Open Source