Sharing user-accounts with other Jabber Servers


I’'m new to Wildfire and I have a question.

I set up Wildfire on my Box to test it and some Users told me you should actually be able to use accounts, which they have created somewhere else on my Jabber Server.

For example I have registered at and I want to use it then at or something simillar.

Can anyone tell me how to do this? I couldn’'t find an option for this.


Obi Wan,

I think what you’‘re talking about is server to server federation. This works automatically, assuming that your server isn’'t blocked by a firewall and that your DNS settings are configured properly. Try sending somebody on a different server a message or presence subscription and see if it works! You can also monitor sever to server connections from inside the admin console.



My server is able to send messages to other users on other servers but what I meant was logging onto my server with an account of another server. So the users won’'t need to create new accounts.

At I’'ve found xmpp-gateway which I found here in another post and it sounded if that is the thing what I need however the project seems to be empty.

Ahh, gotcha. I’‘m not familiar with that project. The authentication system in Wildfire is pluggable, so it would hypothetically be possible to implement. I haven’'t seen it done before, however.



Thanks for your responses. Maybe someone else has an idea how to do this. Would be very helpfull. However I met some other people and they said it won’'t work the way I want it.

You might be able to do it if ALL of the IDs were stored in a database that all of the servers had access to. Something like an LDAP directory. It might require a little modification of the LDAP auth provider as well.