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ShoreTel VoIP & SIP

Hi all,

I’‘m evaluating the enterprise edition and have ShoreTel VoIP phones (that are SIP compliant). I’'m very interested in testing the integration between ShoreTel and Openfire so if anyone has any info on that or can assist me in getting the systems working together it would be appreciated.

We did play with Office Communication Server and the ShoreTel phones and it works fine together, so I can’'t see a reason why it Openfire would have a problem playing with ShoreTel!

Thanks for your help.



What issues are you running into? As a starter, you actually need to connect with your SIP Server, not your phones

Thanks for the reply! So I got the SIP server up and running and can now register my phone (in Spark) but when I attempt to dial a number it complains that the number is invalid. This is both for 4 digit extensions and complete 10 digit numbers.

Any ideas?

You need to configure SIP functionality in Openfire first. After doing that, you should be OK.

Any chance you can point me to some documentation on this?

We are currently working on documentation, but don’'t have any at this time.

You need to set up the SIP information in the Openfire Admin console on the Enterprise Tab.

Thanks for the quick response. There doesn’'t appear to be a log to setup in the Enterprise section of the Admin console.

SIP Phone Mappings:

I have my phone setup and in a Registered status.

SIP Settings:

I just have my SIP server and voicemail number setup. I don’'t know if my SIP server is STUN enabled so I just left that blank.

Is there anything else that needs to be setup? My Spark is showing up phone logged in but I can’'t make calls (always says invalid number)


It probably depends on the dialplan you have set on your SIP Server.

Perhaps you are in the wrong context and the number you dial is not recognized correctly by the SIP server.

I would start looking at the SIP server log files



Were you able to finally get this working? We’ve got a similar configuration and I can’t seem to find the right SIP settings to get registered, any tips would be appreciated.

I would also be interested in any information you might have to get Shortel and Spark talking to another.


If the dial tab apperas that means that you are REGISTERED with your SIP server. That’s for sure.

About the wrong number, it depends directly on your SIP Server DialPlan. Check that.



Did anyone ever get this working?