Should I give up on Spark & Jingle?

Hi All

We have encountered a number of issues trying to make jingle calls (from failure to establish calls on same lan, to poor Audio) and now the pc to pc call button seems to be gone from Spark in 2.6.2

I think Spark should have a good native client to client voip application, it seems to be a basic feature on all Similar apps but we are really struggling with this. We have moved most of our users to Jitsi, which lacks a good SSO implementation but has reliable, quality jingle calls.

Has anyone successfully created good quality Jingle Calls from Lan to Lan on Spark 2.6.2? Could you please provide sample Configs, or assistance with our problems - what information would you require?

Our environment is mixed XP, 7 32bit & 64bit. When we can make Jingle calls, the audio is terrible. We suspect this is an issue with the Java audio capture libraries, in Jitsi the Java audio is similarly bad (but not the same) and ‘port audio’ is crystal clear.



In principle, Spark may be a good client for Jingle. The PC 2 PC connection is still working but requires a working STUN server configuration (lot’s of discussion related to that in the forum). The Spark dev team did not break this feature intentionally.

Overall, there is no focus on Jingle and an analysis of Jitsi vs Spark and the used codes has basically not developer who wants to do this.

I would not expect someone in the community to work on this and resolve the pending issues.

Thanks Walter, that’s disappointing. I understand that this is community driven, and if we had the developer capbilities we would be happy to help out.

I guess we are lost, unless someone else has encountered this poor Jingle audio and has a work around for us!