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Should Spark save presence after logout?

I wonder is this an intentional behaviour or a bug. Spark is not saving my presence (say DND) if i logout and login again. I have to do it sometimes to refresh my roster or Spark’s toolbar, or fix ICQ contacts not appearing problem. And it’s setting Available every time.

If you voluntarily log out, I don’t think that it does (Not sure about ‘supposed to’). A disconnection will, however, restore status when the server comes back.

I would think that ideally you would get the behavior you describe (return to set status even under voluntary log out).


I really wonder why one should login again after logging out. And if one logs in one may want to be set online … otherwise one may stay offline.

So I guess that setting the status to “Online” is usually right and what most users expect. But as there are always some Olegs around … could it be nice to have an option “[ ] Restore previous presence after login”?


Certainly I think it would be nice to at least have the option. I agree that perhaps certain presences don’t make sense to restore (at least to my mind), but others might. I sometimes, for example, like to go immediately to one of my DND custom messages after having been logged out for awhile (gone away to offsite meeting, etc.).

It’s obviously not a huge deal to change the status when I log back in, but if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t complain.

Spark should save presence after logout.

This makes sense when you have long personal msn/icq lists, and you don’t want all of your friends seeing “I’m availible” when you’re at work. Something more like “I’m at work” would be sensible, to stop people contacting you for idle chit-chat.

Also there are other reasons why someone might not want the whole world knowing they are “available” too