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Show Group Roster - bug

I looked around a bit to see if this had been reported previously but I didn’‘t find anything that looked to be the same as what I’'ve noticed. If this has been previously discussed please forgive me

Using Jive Messenger 2.1.5 and Gaim 1.3.1:

Create group A





Create group B


Group A settings:

Enable Group Sharing in Rosters

Show group to members’’ of groups A and B

Group B settings:

Enable group sharing in rosters

Show group in group members’’ rosters

Issues when adding a member:

If I add member6 to group B, member6 does NOT get the groups pushed to his roster even though he should. I have to go into group settings and make a change. Save, make the change back and save again.

Simply hitting save without making a change doesn’'t update the sharing of rosters.

This appears to be neccesary for every group that is supposed to be pushed out to member6. i.e. Group B settings have to be modified, saved, modified, saved. as well as group A settings modified, saved, modified, saved.

Issues when removing a user:

Deleting member6 from group B immeditely results in group B no longer being pushed to member6, but group A still is. Even after changing the sharing settings for group A member6 is still being shared the group members. In order to make it stop I had to add member6 to group A and then remove that user.

(Note, disconnecting for member6 and reconnecting has no effect at any step in this process)


Did you get anywhere with this as I think I’'ve got a similar issue.

I’'ve got groups randomly disappearing from people roster lists that were all there previously and then if I delete and re-create the group it only updates a few clients.

I’'ve no idea where to start…

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the detailed bug report. I created the issue JM-341 for this problem. BTW, are you using LDAP? Have you tried with other clients?


– Gato

We’‘re using Active Directory for authentication and Jive uses MySQL for it’'s database.

I have not tried it with other clients, but I’‘ll do that tonight from home and then I’'ll post the results here.



I don’'t have an AD here to test with but I will try to do my best to catch up this issue.


– Gato