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Show Traffic Window : Displays username and password


The Show traffic window displays username and password of the current user. It would be a security threat for a corporate environmnet. Is there any way how we can avoid displaying those information. Or else is there any way disabling the Smack Debug Window?



Argh! Where in the Show Traffic Window are you seeing that??? I cant find my password but maybe I’'m missing it. Just deployed this in my company…

I don’‘t think it is, I’‘m set up as admin and I’‘m looking at the traffic window and it shows something called ID, which isn’'t their password.


So the password would not be viewable if running via TLS or SASL, where TLS is the default. So my guess is that the server you are connecting to does not offer digest maybe? If not, we always recommend WildFire. Even so, the password is always sent encrypted.