Showing all groups in all other groups rosterswhen using LDAP?

Hey all,

I was wondering if OpenFire 4.0.2 was able to simply show all groups to all other groups when getting all the users and groups from LDAP?

So populating every users roster with ALL available groups, all the time. Otherwise one can nicely just add groups to LDAP, but it have that visible to the other groups manual configuration is necessary.

Assuming you are using AD, and if you are talking about nested groups and group members…yes and no. Basically, you’ll great a parent group, and then drop the groups into it, then update your search filter. This link should help point you into the right direction.

How to Setup Authentication Groups with LDAP/AD

Wow, speedy … your nickname checks out

(I already found our about the nested groups issue, we are already following your work-around idea of a single parent group).

But … My question was about rosters, so to automagically show all available groups in the rosters of ALL users. Otherwise when adding a group to LDAP is not enough, but I need to share this “new” group to all other groups manually in the OpenFire. I know sharing of a group in very users roster is done via an entry in the opGroupProb table where for each group there must be a “sharedRoster.showInRoster” entry with value “everybody”.

What I am looking for is a switch to not need this explicit setting for every group, but to have it simply shown and shared to everyone our there.

gotcha…I don’t think there is an automatic way to just turn on shared roster groups when a new group is detected.