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Simple avatar

Hey all,

I was wondering what would be the best and simplest way to display a avatar/display picture if you have the full JID? i’ve tried a few things but havent really found a nice way of doing it. What i would ideally like to do is to add a small 16x16 scaled down avatar at the right hand side of every contact, how would i do this?


As this is not Spark Dev forum i assume you are not asking how to hack Spark code to do this? So this is a simple feature request. I suggest changing thread title to “Feature request: Avatars in roster”. If i undestood you right, you want contacts’ avatars to be shown in roster at right of their nicknames (like in Pandion, or MSN i think). And then you should wait till the developers notice your request and decide to make it or not.

Ah, its difficult getting used to this new system, i actually meant spark dev, sorry, its not a feature request but of a more how would i go about doing this. Thanks.


It’s pretty easy to do, since I have my client this way ;). In ContactItem, just add a call to VCardManager.getVCardFromMemory, then scale down the image and use setSideIcon() to the new icon.



ah, thanks! got it working i was wondering if you dont mind but how to remove the tabs, but leaving only the contact window… ive tried a few things but it takes away the chat tabs too… thanks again!

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I would also like to request the code changes that you made to get this to work. A step by step would be real nice.