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Simple Group Setup Help Needed

I’‘m by no means an LDAP expert, so I’'m trying to figure out how to do this as simple as possible.

In my Windows 2000 Active Directory setup, each user has information in the “Office” field. On the Group Mapping page for setup, I’‘ve tried putting in the following information, but it didn’'t work:

Group Mapping

Group Field: cn

Member Field: office

Description Field: description

Advanced Settings

Posix Mode: No

Group Filter: (objectClass=group)

Is this the correct setup? Should I use another field in the AD user properties?

Thanks for keeping it simple.

OK, I’'m starting to learn some stuff here. Force feeding Active Directory usage to me (long over due I guess)

So, I figure from reading more here, that a Distrobution group is what is needed.

So, with that, how do I filter only distro groups and not security groups in the filter?

Given enough time, I guess any dummy can figure anything out

I finally figured out you have to “share” the groups you want seen across the domain inside the Openfire Admin web pages. Once I had a distrobution group assigned to all users, I restarted Openfire and went into the admin to share the appropriate groups. (I did set the member field back to default…)

Oh my this is awesome! Thanks Ignite, you have made my life so much easier!

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