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Simple Jingle Demo

I have been looking at smack\jingle\extension\source\org\jivesoftware\smackx\jingle\mediaimpl\demo\Dem o.java for a while and have come up with a single file I can use to play with.

I have a local openfire server setup with Media Proxy enabled on my machine AMANDA2. Two users sue and bob both with the password amanda. And it seems to work. I can hear an echo when I place a call to myself.


  1. I get a nullpointer which if I don’t have jmf installed. But it didn’t seem to be nesscessary for it to work the first time using PCMU.

  2. I think i understand why g723 and gsm did not work it was because i did not have jmf installed at first but PCMU did work. And I know they are different codecs but what should i be using?

  3. I tried it with a friend and I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me, it could have been a problem with the hardware but it could also have been a problem with the code, I noticed a section was blank in startReceive()

Has anybody set up voice chat with their smack implementation yet? and how did they go about it?

JingleAllTheWay.java (10407 Bytes)
output.txt (4881 Bytes)


I was wondering whether you got your sample app working. If so, can you please mail me the details?



No I never got it working and i had to move on to other stuff.