Simultaneous connection

Hi everyone,

is it possible to allow simultaneous connections using the same username?



Did you check: Server Settings -> Resource Policy?

Well, i’ve juste check it up. But, as far as i understand, it only permits to determine the deconnection behaviour in case of conflict. (always or never)

But i don’t see any option that allows me to stay connected from 2 locations simultaneously.

For example :

I use Openfire with spark client on my laptop and sometimes, i’ve to launch one of my vmware instance that automatically launches spark client and, as a result, disconnect my account from the laptop session. It will be great to stay connected in all my open sessions, and i think xmpp protocol is able to do so, as i can do it in gTalk (that uses xmpp).

any ideas?


Hi jz,

Yes, you can be connected using the same account (username) multiple times as long as your resource is different for each connection. In Spark you can change your resource by clicking on the “Advanced” button and entering a different value in the resource field; by default the resource is set to Spark.

Hope that helps,


Many thanks Ryan,

That’s working!