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Simultaneous Login issue: AIM

Hey -

So I’'m out to get the AIM implementation today

Using gateway plugin 1.1.0 beta 1, openfire 3.3, smack 3.0.1

Use Case:

User A logs into AIM on AIM Client (c1)

User A logs into AIM on jabber client using gateway plugin (c2)

The user will get a message on c1 telling them that they’‘re logged in at two locations, they’'re given the option to reply one to the message and force a logout of c2 or just ignore the situation.

If User A replies with 1 on c1 then the connections to AIM is pulled from underneath the gateway plug in and it attempts to reconnect. In this case a reconnection is not the desired effect as a direct user action has said that it doesn’'t want this to happen.

Do these cases look any different from a normal “server side disconnect” to the gateway plugin? Does it look like a “sever side disconnect as a result of user action”. If it does then I think the gateway shouldn’'t attempt to do a login as, in our case the jabber client has crashed, it can take a short while for openfire to time out the jabber connection and during that time if the user replies 1 on c1 the gateway plug in will reconnect causing the message again.

Let me know if you want any more info.


Dooh, thanks! GATE-268