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Single Connection Manager helpful?

I understand from the docs that deploying connection managers wlil help scale, but–will it help scale by using just a single connection manager? For example, is the connection manager code optimized for queuing such that deploying even one connection manager on the same box would help scale? Or does the connection manager improve scale by simply allowing distribution of socket connections over multiple machines?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Matt,

I would recommend using Openfire alone unless you are seeing that it’s not scaling fine due to network I/O activity (and thus CPU load). If that is the case then install a CM to reduce the network load on the server. If the CM is also suffering from high network I/O then add more CMs to the equation. If network I/O is the problem then running several CMs in the same box won’t help. Only way to know for sure what you need is to generate a load test with what you expect and see how things perform.


– Gato