Single message received during joining a group

Dear Team

How can I stop the single message received during joining a group?. Even though I have changed group chat settings to “Don’t show history”, I receive a previous chat message. if i set to receive 5 offline messages in client application I am receiving exactly 5 messages and if I set it to 0 then I am getting a single chat message. Is this set default in openfire or what. Please help me on this.

Is it showing the same message every time. I mean, someone said “hello there” when this history setting was “show 25 messages” which is a default. And now you always see this same “hello there” message, but you don’t see new ones after you set the setting to show no history, or set it to show 0? Same here and i think it is probably supposed to work like that, though i can’t point to the exact paragraph of a group chat specifications. At least it is how Openfire does it. History settings only affect new messages. Ones that you’ve already received in the past are not affected by these settings. What you’ve already seen is yours and can’t be taken from you with the change of the setting. So, currently your only option is to destroy that room, create a new copy of it, then it will have no old history and as your setting is already “do not show” it won’t show any history on joining. Unless at some point you turn it back again and someone joins at that point and gets some old messages, then those old messages will stick with those users, even if you disable showing of a history again. A bit tricky.

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Hello Wroot

Thanks for your help. We are not getting the same messages for every time. It is getting changed when we send message to the group. The last message send to the group is displayed always. Lets say when I send

Hi Sam

**Are you there? **

to the group and then log out and log in again, I will get message as ***Are you there? ***

When i join the group again and send ??? to the group, the order of message in group will be

Hi Sam

**Are you there? **


and then log out and log in again, I am getting message as ??? and not ***Are you there?***.

As you said, we tried the following

  • Deleted existing groupchat service
  • Created new groupchat service
  • Created new room
  • Changed default settings from showing 25 messages to show no history
  • Restarted Openfire
  • Send messages to group
  • Log out and log in again
  • This time also we received the last message(only one message) send to the group.
    Please help me whether I’m missing some configuration settings or is there any solutions where I can overcome this.

What client do you use? I’m not seeing such behavior with the current Openfire and Spark.

Hi wroot

we are using a custom created client. But we also checked the same using spark (2.6.3) also. Our Openfire server version is 3.9.3.

Sorry, can’t reproduce this on my server.

Finally I was able to manage this issue. On a new openfire server, Before creating any user or group, I changed the default option of showing 25 messages to the other options available (show entire history and don’t show history ) in openfire server. Both worked!!. Thanks @wroot for providing me with some useful options.