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Single MS Sql database and multiple Location OpenFire Server

Hi All,

First of all I would like to give my network info to understand my scenario better.

Servers = Window 2003 SP2, Window 2008 R2. MS Sql server 2008 & 2012.

We have two offices at different remote location.
Both are connected with P2P leased line. 4

Office A =

Office B =

Office A is main office and all servers are situated at location A. Servers, Internet bandwidth, firewall etc are all at Location A.

I successfully installed and configure openfire on window 2008 R2 server with MS Sql express 2012 database and tested at client.

Within Location A all working fine with Spark IM Client.

I also installed Spark IM Client at location B and it works fine but issue is only with file transfer.

Within Location A file transfer is faster but on Locaton B file transfer is slow as P2P Leasedline speed and it also cosumes bandwidth too.

Now Question =

I want to setup and configure Openfire to Location B but all user data, DB will be same as Location A. IN short want to use single DB with two openfire server.

If I create user on by Location B server, User detail also shown in Location A.

Is this possible and If yes plese guide me how to do that?

Thanks in Advance.

Sorry for bad english.

“Within Location A file transfer is faster but on Locaton B file transfer is slow as P2P Leasedline speed and it also cosumes bandwidth too.”

What do you want to achieve with the server on B location? File trasfers always go peer to peer first and only in rare occasions (no clear connection between clients, firewall issues) it will go through the server.

Thanks a lot for your quick response.

In my R & D and testing, I try to send file between two users in Location B using server A. File transfer is too slow or i can say that it go through server.

If it works on peer 2 peer like IPMSG, then I don’t need to configure slave server on location B.

My main purpose of install Server on B location is file sending over LAN like IPMSG which we are currently using.

I hope you understand what I am saying.


On location A server go to Admin Console > Server Settings > File Transfer Settings and disable the proxy if it is enabled. Try again sending the files on location B. If it is still slow, then it would be good to actually see the traffic and check if it is really going to A location and back to another client to B location.

It works.

Still having some transfer rate issue on same network. Same user has about 8 to 10 MB transfer rate and some users gets only 700 kb to 800 kb max.

I am checking it but so far your option works very well.

Thanks a lot for quick response and solution.