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SIP Client - No Audio

So I got the SIP Plugin working well, dialing etc is good, but we get no audio over the headsets.

Any suggestions?

Which PBX do you use?

Which Audio Codec do you allow?

It’s a 3CX PBX.

Default codec order is:
PCMU (most preffered)

I downloaded and installed 2.6.0 B2 - maybe that will have better luck, will post back after a couple tests.

Same deal with 2.6.0, it rings, we here tones if you hti the keys, but no audio. Once and awhile somehow we managed to get one way audio but thats it and its totally random.

The Spark SIP Client supports only PCMU and GSM.

Please disable all other codecs and use only PCMU (ULAW).

Don’t allow re-invite for this extension.

The Codec isn’t changable on this PBX, but shouldn’t the fact that it uses PCMU first and GSM 3rd be enough? Especially since PCMU is the #1 prefered Codec…

May just be a compatibility issue but I’d love to get it working.