SIP Phone not working properly


I cannot hear voice &cannot dial in Spark when using SIP Phone. My SIP Phone mapping is testing successfuly in openfire administration/sip phone mappings and I can also use it with no problems on X-Lite or other soft-phones.

I can login to spark, the dial pad appears, i have all settings “transferred” from the openfire server (including voicemail extension), etc.

When I try to ring the extension, i see the incoming phone call in Spark, I can answer it, but I hear no sound (once again, I am talking about an account which is working properly in X-Lite). I’ve tried it in different network environments, on different computers, I have the same behaviour. I even tested it connected in the same switch as the OpenFire Server. Same thing, no sound.

When I try to use Spark to originate a phone call, I always get an "Invalid Number: " message. Same,we are talking about the sip account which was working fine with X-Lite.

Any clues?


I got the same problem, can hear the tones but will not dial

Same here. I can’t tell if this started because of a trixbox reinstall or not, since I didn’t test it much before.


I found the answer in another thread if anyone care. For me it was the crappy MSI installer. I installed using the EXE and the sound returned.


What was MSI, the openfire install or the Spark install?

I was having the same problem but my installation was with the exe and not the msi. I just reinstalled Spark_2.5.8.exe over top of the existing installation and sound both ways is working fine.

One odd thing though. Using the phone plugin with Spark, if I dial my associates known SIP extension, it will ring on his end but instead of my name showing up it shows the name of another spark user that has not even been setup on my SIP server (I’m using the 3CX SIP server by the way). Also using Openfire 3.5.1

Any help on that issue that might lead me in the right direction for a resolution would be greatly appreciated.