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SIP Phone Plugin ignoring message


I have tried to connect Spark to a Cisco Callmanager 7.01 using the SIP Phone plugin but it is not working. Here is what I did, and what I was able to troubleshoot. I created a SIP device on CUCM and tested it with X-Lite. The CUCM configuration is working and I am able to place and receive calls using X-Lite (If anyone is interested in how to configure CUCM, just send me a message). I configured the phone mapping in Openfire and started Spark. The phone plugin stays the following state forever: “Starting Phone…”. I did a SIP stack trace on the CUCM and a wireshark sniff on the client. Both indicate the same Problem: after successful registration the CUCM send a Notify to Spark, which is not acknowledged. Then CUCM repeats this and the connection does not work. I attached a picture of the working X-Lite wireshark trace as well as of the not working Spark trace. It would be great if anyone had an idea if this is a bug within the phone plugin or if there is anything I could do about this behavior.



Any luck with this? I’m stuck at the same spot. The SIP device shows “registered” on my CUCM for about 30 seconds, and only ever says Registering in the Openfire server. The client shows Starting Phone…

It is exactly as you describe, Openfire or the plugin, is not acknowleding the registration sent back from the CUCM.