SIP Plugin - Unable to do SIP Phone Mapping

Hi everyone,

I recenly install a 3CX SIP server and wanted to integrate Openfire (3.6.4) server with SIP plugin (1.0.5). After setting the SIP server address, when I tried to map the the openfire account with SIP account. I get the null error and also saw this in Error log

2011.01.21 08:39:14 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.sip.sipaccount.SipAccountDAO.getUsers(SipAccountDAO. java:224)
java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column name ‘sipusername’.

Database backend in on a MS SQL 2005 (on seperate server) and we use AD integration for the user accounts

Can someone help me?

Attached belowed are the error screenshots

Just added SIP plugin and set against (I have one of my accounts there) and works fine. Although fist attempt of creating mapping failed with similar null-issue. Problem was that when creating mapping I used non-existent user account for “XMPP username”. From screenshot I can not tell the name you are using but from the list of mappings you should be able to find out. This is mapping so you basically assign SIP account to existing Openfire/XMPP account.