SIP, update plugin Jitsi Meet

Hi Dele,

Openfire Meetings - Jitsi Meet

There are 2 questions:

  1. How to disable a SIP from Jitsi Meet?

I have a constant connection to the server


  1. On GitHub have branch jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Here I can download updates or need to wait for the official update the plugin here?

I cant say anything for Jitsi Meet. That is now supported directly by the Jitsi team. As for Openfire Meetings,

  1. I will add that feature. At the moment, it cannot be disabled

  2. No, you have watch my github clone of openfire if you want to track my updates otherwise wait for official releases here at ignite realtime.

ofmeet ver. -

  • Disable SIP gateway with a property (org.jitsi.videobridge.ofmeet.sip.enabled)
    How to use this property?

use openfire admin console to set it to true or false and restart openfire to take effect

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