Site down since yesterday?

I just started to implement Openfire yesterday, but the site has been down for a while now. Is this happening to everyone, and is there an estimate about when it’ll be back up?

Site is up now. Thanks for the info as i haven’t checked the site itself, just the forums. Now i have pinged the guy who has access to a web server and he has restarted it. As he says, something related to java (probably it used all memory). This site and projects are maintained by a few volunteer community members, so it is hard to notice such issues quickly enough. But you shouldn’t be worried, Openfire project is not closing and you can continue deploying it also seems down. Was the dns entry removed? It is used by FreeBSD ports fetch



I am not sure if that survived the migration from Jive to the current community infrastructure. May need to ping benjamin about that.


You can fetch some stuff from distfiles from my box if you want

if you get 503 just refresh browser, have to limit access for users

I’m sorry this wasn’t resolved sooner. I just saw this thread today.

I didn’t know had direct links. I’ve re-enabled it, but the DNS has changed and may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate across the net.