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Site Migration on Wednesday

We’re planning on migrating the community back-end for Igniterealtime.org from Jive Forums to Clearspace on Wednesday. I’m pretty excited about the change, but it will require a couple of hours of downtime on the site. I’ll post a more specific outage estimate in the forums as Wednesday approaches. If you’re interested in getting a preview of what the updated site will look like, check out http://beta.igniterealtime.org.

Update: The migration has been completed, beta.igniterealtime.org has been removed.

This is a great step and will for sure be very good for the productivity of the community and showing the power of clearspace (in sense of eating your own “dogfood”) as well

but please dont forget about your next major openfire release. i am really counting the days for a real debian package is there any timeframe yet? when looking at the issue tracker it looks like you had a lot of other work in between

Yay! As you well know, I’ve been excited about this for some time. I did want to ask when this is likely to be done in relation to the weekly chat. May I suggest it be done after the weekly chat is completed? Of course, unfortunately, I’m not likely to be at the chat this week… (which sucks a lot since I just released 1.1.0 of the gateway plugin, but conflicts are conflicts) Anyway, exciting news!

I hate to add another thing to the stack, but hopefully this is easy … would y’all consider upgrading fisheye to the latest? (1.3.3 I think is out) They’ve been making a lot of SVN handling improvements since 1.2.5.

Looks cool but the search function is completely broken. Searching for “openfire” returns no results :confused:

That’s odd, it’s working for me! (maybe it’s been fixed already)

Yep it’s fixed