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Skinning Spark - I've never been so confused in my life

I run a social networking site and I want to set up a way for members to chat

I have got openfire working on my server and I can connect to it using Spark. All works great.

Next, I want to customise Spark. I want people to download a special version of it that displays my site’s logo and has all my settings pre-configured. I’ve read that it’s possible but I am so confused about how. All the instructions are so complicated.

Isn’t it possible to simply change some files and replace the logo image, for example?

Can anyone explain it to me or point me to a simple explanation.

Alternatively, does anyone do this kind of work as a paid service?


Have you read the Build a Branded/Skinned Version of Sparkdocument?

  • Rob

Yes, it can be a bit of work to brand Spark.

I found this document to be of great help, the other one I ignored altogether.

I would certainly be willing to help for a free pizza or similar.


I did read that, but am I right I would need to get the install4j software, which costs €349?

That’s a lot to pay to change a logo. Isn’t there another (easier) way?

I did read that one too but I wasn’t sure what that process would achieve. What will I end up with after doing that process? Will I get the exe file to make available to my members, or is there another step afterwards to make the exe file?

Someone else asked that in the comments section and there was no reply.

This will only give you the branded code.

You will need install4j or Advanced Installer to create the exe or msi.

Both programs are available as free demos, and each will display the trial software message during install.

Without buying either one of those programs, there’s no easy way to create the installer package.

Hit me up offline for more help.

caranddriver at polarplanet dot com

for me I used winrar to edit the jar files (since its pretty much a zip) and update my images and the default.properties file to lock down some of my settings. I then use advanced installer (not the free version) to edit the msi and give it my name and change the shortcut to point to a bat file I created to create all my settings, like sso. I needed an msi for deploying and going the install4j route wouldn’t give me that. I can help where available.