Slow file transfer on LAN


I’ve recently updated to version 2.6.2, but from now on, any file transfer taking place between 2 LAN PCs are taking an awful lot of time to do so, unlike with the previous version, which however was not able to send files to users outside the LAN. Any way to solve this new issue, like in the past a file of 100MB just flew by in transfer but now its taking around 15mins to send on a LAN…

This is an indication that your file transfer is not working on bytestream but on the fall back IBB. There is an issue about bytestream/IBB in Smack.

As a resolution you may want to allow Openfire to be a file transfer proxy on port 7777.

thanks, will contact my openfire admin to see if it works and get back here

And can u tell me more about IBB? Is it something specific to Spark?

A file transfer between two users has three technical options that the client will try to use.

  1. A bytestream transfer between the two clients. That’s the fastest and is used most of the times. It requires that both clients can reach each others IP adresses directly (which is not the case, if a client is using a VPN).

  2. The Openfire server acts as proxy for bytestream transfers. A slower optin and it requires that the OF IP adress is published by the server and can be reached directly by the client.

  3. If bytestream fails, the client encodes the file data as characters and sends the data as text messages. This is called IBB. It is the common fall back for file transfers and can be used by most XMPP clients. Obviously, this option is the slowest transfer.

hi again

so my admin tested the client and server, and he says its more likely a problem with Smack or the new version of the client itself, as he tested other XMPP clients (like Pidgin) and they worked well concerning file transfers

Yes, it is a problem of Smack/Spark for sure. We are missing ressources to deal with that.

On the other hand: We have fast transfers for Win7 to Win7 in some installations and in other not. So it is not only a coding issue.