Slow forum due to non-caching?


Compared to other forum software this site feels slower to me when switching from one page to another. I dont mean the different content (which has to load from a database I assume) but more the constant parts like graphics, header/footer and sidebar.

Could it be, that you dont allow client side caching? I have yet to take more closed look to our SQUID server but it seems to me that I always load the whole page directly from you instead of using locally cached copies for the non-changed parts

Any idea?


Hi Starry,

it seems that now also compression is no longer available so the pages are not compressed during transfer.

I did ask the forum guys some months ago to change this behavior as it’‘s really bad but it seems to be very hard for java developers to understand the need for caching in the web. Anyhow Gato did change the presence plugin to allow cahcing of the presence icons, but this has nothing to do with the forum. It’'s also a little bit complicated to create cacheable dynamic pages which are built on client side using javascript.