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Smack 2.0 connecting to Messenger 2.3.0: TLS negotiation has failed

I upgraded my server from 2.2.2 to 2.3 and my, previously working, client code fails.

Here’'s what the client sends:

Any ideas?

… WkH

Any chance you can post a stack from your client? Also; do you happen to be running the client from within the Eclipse IDE?

Yes, I was testing my client within Eclipse.

I’‘m not set up to reproduce the problem and get you and exception stack at the moment - silly of me not have included it in the first place, doh! I had to get my client working so I dropped back to the 2.2.2 server. I’'ll try to find some time this coming week to reinstall 2.3.0 and reproduce the problem and post the exception stack.

Another potential stumbling block is our use of the Net::XMPP Perl module. It works fine with 2.2.2 but in a quick smoke test it didn’'t seem to like 2.3.0 at all. Has anyone explored this any further?

… WkH

I ran into a similar issue. I say similar because I didn’‘t examine the packets; however the simptoms (upgrade to 2.3.1; cannot login) are similar. Here’'s what I had to do.

  1. Ensure the corresponding smackx.jar is on your classpath.

  2. Within Eclipse; ensure the default system libraries are being loaded when you run. You can do this by creating another instance of a JRE and making sure that the “Use default system libraries” checkbox is selected.

Window > Preferences

Java > Installed JREs


Then you need to select the jre with the checkbox selected in the run configuration.

Run > Run


Alternate JRE

This should clear it right up.

Hey guys,

We recently fixed a problem on the server side that may be the reason for this problem. Try again using the latest nightly build of JM and also the latest build of Smack. Let me know how it goes.


– Gato