Smack 3.1.0 Beta has been released

We are very pleased to announce the first beta of the next major Smack release. Smack 3.1.0 Beta 1 includes major improvements and new features likeSASL MD5, Kerberos, SmartCards support, an updated Jingle implementation and many many other surprises. Check out the change log for the complete information. Most of the new features were implemented by community members so help me give them big props.

Download the new beta from here and remember to post any question or problem you found in the Smack discussion space.


Smack Team

Hi Gato,

that’s for the contribution to Smack.

Can you take a look at the hard coded references to in Smack? This is preventing an OF admin to shut down VoiP by removing the STUN servers in the admin console. We have created a patch for Smack 3.0.5 and send that to Winsrev as an contribution to Spark 2.6.0. Could you review that patch and include it to 3.1.0? What would be the best way to send it to you?

Kind regards,


Hey Walter,

If you have a path for Smack just send it to me by email (gato at jivesoftware dot com). I will review it and check it in for 3.1.0.


– Gato


we have compiled the Sp 2.6.0 trunk with Smack 3.1.0 b1. The result behaves strange against a 3.5.2 OF. I was observing repeated receptions of presence packages for one contact (more than 100 times) until is got through. We’ll do some debugging.


Disregard my former note. The issues were caused by some errors on the Spark client side. Funktionality looks fine.


Hi Walter,

I have a problem similar to yours when using Smack 3.1.0 with my Spark client version 2.6.0.

I have set the “RosterLoadedAtLogin” property of my ConnectionConfiguration to false and after logging in and building contactlist, I can’t stop receiving the presence of a contact which is offline.

Could you tell me what is the problem you found inside Spark code.

Thanks in advance