Smack 3.2.2 planing

We need a 3.2.2 release due to two know issues in Smack (IMHO).

  • SASL for ejabbered in Spark 2.6.3

  • IBB/Bytestream failures in Spark 2.6.3

Shall we work agaist the trunk in developing 3.2.2?

No. Continue on with the 3.2 branch. I already have some checkins against it and am currently working on a couple of other issues as well.

I can fix the SASL issue as well, since that is an easy one. I can cut another release after we get a few fixes in to get Spark along the way.

Please include the SASL in the trunk. I have a student working on the IBB/Bytestream. It might be an option to revert the change doen by Henning Staib some time ago. It makes a lot of problems with file transfer

We will give it a shot to fix the patch of Henning, but I tend to go for a revert

What’s your take?