Smack 3.2+ only available for Java 6?


as users of the Jenkins Jabber plugin have found out, Smack 3.2+ seems to have Java 6 as minimal requirement. See

Was that a conscious change or was it more like a mistake? At least the change to Java 6 is not explicitly mentioned in the release notes ( - while e.g. the switch to Java 5 in 3.0.0 was.

If it’s more like a mistake, is there a chance to switch back to Java 5?

Does no one have a clue about this?


I am pretty sure that Smack will not be made available for Java 5, we will rather see a Java 7 edition. If you need a J5 version, you will have to recompile by yourself.


i committed a couple changes, which included generics, remove the generics and its java5 compatible again

thats only what i know, there could be more

Generics are available since Java 5, so this is surely not the reason.

I’ve got prinicipally no problem with upgrading to Java 6, all I’m asking for is:

  • to consider that using libraries (like the Jenkins Jabber plugin) are affected by that change

  • to make the change explicit - i.e. mention it in the release notes

yes, indeed generics where introduced in java5

maybe i had that confused, because i had to change the bamboo agent to use a higher java version to compile after i committed above metioned code

Walter is correct, I have no intention of going back a version. My apologies though for not putting that in the release notes for 3.2, that was definitely an oversight and I will make sure to not make that mistake in the future when we eventually move to version 7.

There are no plans to make that move yet though, as I don’t want to force users to move there yet.