Smack 3.2 Release?

I have noticed that the roadmap for Smack 3.2 shows only one remaining issue. I am happy to see the progress because we use Smack API for our groupchat client. There are a lot of improvements and bug fixes from 3.1.0 to 3.2. We would like to look into using the improved Pubsub API but some important/major issues will not be fixed.

Is it possible to consider the following issues in the next release of Smack because they are important for groupchat client developers:

I have made this selection because they all have proposed patches and might be of low risk.

Thanks !!!


You can ask in this thread or Robin directly but i doubt he will include anything else. He wants to release 3.2 Beta as soon as possible and he has already tagged everything for the new release.

That would be correct. It is possilble that some more might make it in before and actual 3.2 release, but no more for the Beta. I will evaluate after the beta release, which I am trying to get time to do now.

Robin and wroot,

Thanks for responding. BTW, we use Smack in conjunction with Openfire and have reported our issues in this thread:

I fully understand your decision! Thanks for the good work!