Smack 4.1.0 - can't set HTTP proxy


I’m a new Smack user using Smack 4.1.0 on Java SE. I can’t find a way to the the ProxyInfo when creating a BOSHConnection. I wonder if a method setProxy is not missing in ConnectionConfiguration? Am I wrong?


Thanks for reporting. Created SMACK-661 should be fixed with Add ConnectionConfiguration.setProxyInfo(ProxyInfo) · Flowdalic/Smack@4eb3226 · GitHub

Uhh and as side note: I can’t guarantee for anything re smack-bosh. The code is more or less not maintained. Patches welcome.

Too bad for me . Are there known issues?

By the way, does Ignite provide paid support?

Ignite Realtime is just a community of open source developers working on the various products you find here. You can always try to contact a developer who is active in the project you are interested in and ask if he is in for a contract job.

I’ve uploaded Smack 4.1.1-SNAPSHOT with fixes for your two reported issues. Could you try the snapshot version and report back if it works for you?

Will try ASAP, I’ll keep you informed. Thanks a lot!

Which Maven repo should I use? NAPSHOT/smack-core-4.1.1-SN

APSHOT.jar doesn’t work :-(.

See Smack’s for the URL of the maven snapshot repository.

OK, works fine. I have been a bit surprised by the name of the method (i.e. setProxyInfo instead of setProxy) but that’s just a detail :-).

Well you set an instance of type ProxyInfo.