Smack 4.1 RC3 bug in MultiUserChat

I’m having an XMPPErrorException when trying to kick a participant from a MultiUserChat using kickParticipant. The thing is that the IQ generated by smack is:


As you can see, the attribute “role=none” in the item element is missing. Inspecting the code, I saw that the ‘role’ attribute is ignored if its value is ‘none’ in the class MUCItem, but this role type is needed to kick a participant. Any ideas on this?

Thanks for reporting, fixed with Always include role in MUCItem if it’s set · f6ba363 · igniterealtime/Smack · GitHub. Please try 4.1.0-rc4-SNAPSHOT and report back if it works for you.

I don’t remember why I added this condition. I’m sure I thought there was a good reason to do so, but you are right, the role should be stated in XML, even if it’s set to ‘none’.

Thanks for the fix, the kick functionality is now working properly and I’ve not seen any side effects.