Smack 4.2.0: How to work with the 'Jid' type? How can I create a Jid from a String?

I recently upgraded a project from 4.1.0 rc3 and of course all hell broke loose lol. Since all String jid types are now all Jid or BareJid types, I had to change the structure of many things and realized I could turn a Jid type to String but not the other way around. How can I get my String jid types to be Jid types since casting will not work? Should I even bother with this upgrade so early as well? Thank you

Well, that’s why it’s alpha. The javadoc for jxmpp, which includes the Jid types can be found at JXMPP-Nightly 0.5.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT API

You create Jids with JidCreate. For example

Jid myJid = JidCreate.from("");

Thank you for that fast reply, I really needed it to fast track my changes. I guess its a curse Flow, I always love being on the cutting edge, nay, bleeeeeeeding edge of smack API’s mwahahaha . Thanks again for some direction.