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Smack 4.3.4 causing gradle project sync to fail in Android Studio

The error is caused by applying the google services plugin for using something like Firebase. I will upload an empty project with the google services plugin set up and smack 4.3.4 imports that’s throwing the error in a moment.


Then you may want to report this at https://github.com/google/play-services-plugins/issues

BTW the plugin provides pretty decent information how to debug and/or work-around the issue:

For extended debugging info execute Gradle from the command line with ./gradlew --info :app:assembleDebug to see the dep
endency paths to the artifact. This error message came from the google-services Gradle plugin, report issues at https://
github.com/google/play-services-plugins and disable by adding “googleServices { disableVersionCheck = false }” to your b
uild.gradle file.

What made the error go away in 4.4.0-alpha1?

I did not go away, ihe cause was never there. 4.4.0-alpha1 is older than 4.3.3.