Smack API and Android support

Hi all,

I’d like to known if are there some plans to support Android platform.

I’m using in a project asmack ( but I found it really immature and “buggy”. What I’ma asking for it’s an official support of Smack API by Ignite Software.

many thanks


I have never looked at asmack, so I am not aware of the differences between it and Smack. What I can say though, is with the current resources for Smack what they are, I don’t see another (effectively parallel) version of Smack being supported for Andriod in the forseeable future.

Sorry to dissappoint, but it is just not feasible at this point.

Thank You for reply.

I don’t think supporting Android need a parallel version of current API but I think it would require a heavy work.

What can I do is get the sources and check if I can contribute to this port.

thanks again

Since asmack is the port, I am not sure what you mean by your last statement.