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SMACK API for receiving group broadcasts

Hi guys,

I am writing a jabber client using SMACK API. The client needs to receive group broadcasts. Basically, I will have multiple clients running on serveral PCs and users will use different logins to log in those clients. Those logins will be organized in one group and I will broadcast messages to that group so that all the clients in that group can receive it.

I didn’t find any docs regarding the SMACK API group broadcasting. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys can give me some clues, or examples, which will be even better!

Thanks so much!


I believe the feature you’re looking for is typically called PubSub (publish/subscribe).

See http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/191463 to get started.



The API support for pubsub has now been committed to Smack and should be in the next release, whenever that may be. It can be obtained by getting the most recent version from svn.