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Smack API to work with j2me?

Hello everyone,

I have to create a project bassically a mobile IM client using Openfire as the server.

My Problem is that current release of Smack 3.0.6 is not sutable for Java ME programs, however so the question arisis that which other api would work

instead or else if I am to use Smack API ill need to port it, but i am not to sure if ill be able to, there are many issues related to the porting, as the floating point is not supported, many of the java.util interfaces and classes are also not supported.

In one of the post i found that Beep( http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/141628#141628 )is another Library that is built for the XMPP client, for Java ME clients expecially. So does it support Openfire connection. If so then if in future if I wish to add feature of VoIP or SIP would Beep support that, or i would have to implementes something else for that.

There was another post that specifies the steps to port Smack 1.0.1 to j2me however, i havent tried that as i wanted to know has any one done that in vr.3.0.4 or so.( http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/87992#87992 ).

Thanks Regards,


Hi mimit,

As you’ve discovered smack really doesn’t work well in a j2me environment. You might want to try googling for “j2me xmpp”, it looks like there are a handful of projects out there that might work for you. If you find a good one be sure to report back.




Thank you for your reply, i did check but no luck.

Did you chech with the links i have attached, I am using Beep, but its not working may be because its loaded too much related to Bluetooth, etc

It always throus me NullPointerException even in Emulator. It throws when i am trying to call the constructor of XMPPConnecton class.



i am currently developing a similar application. try smack + retrotranslator. retrotranslator will recompile the compiled smack api classes to be compatible with java 1.3.1. you will probably run into some problems as j2me != java 1.3.1 but it works pretty well for me.




i have tried with smack + retrotranslator but can’t resolve the problem, the error is:

Error preverifying class org.jivesoftware.smack.AccountManager

  • VERIFIER ERROR org/jivesoftware/smack/AccountManager.getAccountAttributes()Ljava/util/Collecti on;:*

Cannot find class java/util/Collection

and some similar error with Hash, Map, …

Need help!


Hello guys…

i got the same problem like hungnc, So what should i do…???.

Thanks n Regards