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Smack based Bot-Framework


We decided to release the work done in one of our projects at university to the community.

It’s a framework for creating text-based jabber bots. So basically you get the chatmessage that people will send to your bot as a String and can do with it whatever you like

Basically you’ll have to implement:

public void messageEvent(String text) {



and set username and password over at

public static void main(String[] args) throws XMPPException {

new BlaBot(“SERVER”, “USER”, “PASSWORD”);


We have a more current version of the bot in SVN and will release it as soon as we have some spare time at our hands

Developer Part of the (german) Homepage

Standalone Package

We also created a HybridUserProvider so Bot Accounts can be placed into mysql while “real” users are still in LDAP. Should be available in “mainline” Opefire in a matter of years

Ticket for the HybridUserProvider